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Company History

Our Story

Located in Fenton, Michigan, we hail from a region with its roots firmly planted in manufacturing and its sights set on transforming the future with technology. Drawing on our commitment to hard work and our uncompromising ethics, Domico Med-Device is a team of highly-skilled engineers, technicians, and support professionals who bring passion to our pursuit of delivering solutions that are guided by clinical need.

But we go beyond just manufacturing. Here at Domico Med-Device we are invested in collaborating with OEMs, distributors, and clinical experts to continually improve the patient diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process.

Our family of talented employees, from the front office to the shop floor, are dedicated to serving. We value curiosity, accountability, and collaboration – and we start each customer partnership by asking, “how can we help?”

Where We Came From

Domico Med-Device exists today as an evolution of our journey. We started as CFI Medical Solutions and transitioned to a division of TIDI Products.

As part of the CFI team, we grew our ingenuity, responsiveness, and product creativity, along with forming pivotal partnerships with OEMs and the clinical community. This drove our development of products to focus on improving clinical care. It is here you came to know innovative our technologies such as C-Armor®, Sterile-Z® and Zero-Gravity™.

With TIDI Products, we built a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement. We have instilled the value of process discipline, a quality-at-the-source mindset and a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Today as Domico Med-Device, we have a commitment to continuous improvement, a quality-at-the-source mindset, and a vision to provide innovative solutions. We set our focus to improve patient care, together. View The Domico Med-Device Press Release.

Where We're Headed

Today at Domico Med-Device, we work to understand your needs as our customer. We are committed to seeing that through to deliver the solutions that make us better, together. We strive to enhance the ability of our partners to safely position patients or capture critical diagnostic images, which ultimately determine the most efficient course of treatment.

We are visionaries and believers, and we like to think that what we do is bigger than that…so big, in fact, that our vision is to be a global leader, partnering to provide innovative solutions for clinical needs. Our values and guiding principles keep this vision in sight. Putting our heart and soul into everything we create, we have great expectations for the outcomes we can achieve, when we work together.