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Design and Manufacturing

Domico Med-Device is a leading supplier of products, accessories, and system components for many leading medical device OEM’s and distributors. Our customer relationships are vital to the success of the company and essential to achieving our purpose of improving patient care, together. With our wide range of manufacturing processes and talented engineers, Domico Med-Device offers design expertise and production capabilities for a wide variety of product applications. 

Carbon Fiber

Light-weight, high-strength, and radiolucent, carbon fiber is an ideal material for diagnostic, surgical, and interventional patient positioning involving x-ray or CT imaging. Domico Med-Device utilizes a variety of carbon fiber fabrics that are pre-impregnated with epoxy resin to create the ideal binding matrix. When required, a variety of materials, such as rigid foam, are available as core material.

Domico Med-Device carbon fiber processing capabilities include:

  • In house tooling design and build
  • Products designed for steam sterilization
  • Freezer storage for raw material preservation
  • CNC cutting operations for repeatable patterns
  • Environmental controlled production area to promote material stability
  • 3.9’ (1.2 meter) x 14’ (4.3 meter) autoclave with programmable cycles and computerized cycle tracking

Compression Molding

Utilizing in house machined molds and a variety of large and small format presses, Domico Med-Device applies heat and pressure to foam sheets to achieve a fluid resistant, durable or “TUF” (textured ultra-foam) finish.

If a smooth finish is desirable, “HCF” (healthcare fabric) can be bonded to the foam to achieve the look and feel you want.Individual sheets of cross-linked foams are typically less than 4” thick. Domico Med-Device has a variety of lamination and welding options to produce products that are substantially larger than the available sheets. When thinner profiles are required, Domico Med-Device foam skiving capability can be leveraged to prepare thin sheets for molding. With press sizes up to 8’ x 12’, Domico Med-Device can compression mold virtually any size or shape you need.

Foam Fabrication

Foam fabrication continues to be a key driver in our success. The knowledge we have gained through decades of experience guides us in assisting you with selecting optimal materials and processes to fit your application. Utilizing advanced techniques with the highest quality in mind, our capabilities are geared to produce virtually any shape or size, one piece or thousands.

Domico Med-Device’s foam fabrication equipment includes:

  • Large format band saws for blanking and staging
  • CNC reciprocating and band saws for accurate, high-speed cutting
  • Skiving saws for automated slicing of thin sheets of rigid or flexible foams
  • Lamination and welding of multiple layers of foam or dissimilar materials can be performed to achieve integral bonds
  • Compression cutting, a hydraulic press forces foam through a pattern then a saw blade slices the foam. The result is a concave or scoop cut that is ideal for cradles or holders.

Coating & Painting

Extend the life of your foam positioning aids with vinyl or urethane coatings. At Domico Med-Device, we take a porous foam substrate and convert it to a fluid, stain resistant product. It all starts in our central paint kitchen which houses a variety of materials and colors that are constantly agitated to maintain consistent viscosity. The material is piped directly to the operator for product application. For small volume applications, individual pressure pots are maintained to allow for efficient processing of unique colors.

When the specification calls for a carbon fiber or metal substrates, Domico Med-Device utilizes a variety of epoxy or urethane paints to provide Class A surface finishes. Domico Med-Device’s process controls combined with skilled operators create quality, repeatable finishes.

Cutting-CNC & Die

For accurate and reproducible patterns, Domico Med-Device’s computer-controlled fabrication systems ensure consistency and quality every time, every run. Equipment versatility allows for small to moderate volume runs without the investment of die cut tooling. When high volume is required, Domico Med-Device’s die cutting can be employed. All dies are designed, built, and maintained in house to ensure the first approved piece matches the last. A variety of plastic films, rigid sheets, foam, and carbon fiber are easily processed through this capability.


Whether your need is a one-time custom tool or repeat production runs, precision and quality are cut into every machined detail, tool, and assembly at Domico Med-Device. CAM software is utilized to efficiently convert CAD to cutting programs, a variety of robust machining and turning centers are powered at Domico Med-Device.

If your program requires tooling, molds or machined details, Domico Med-Device’s extensive machining capabilities are available for in-house processing. A variety of robust machining and turning centers are available for specific program requirements.

At Domico Med-Device we will work with you when selecting materials to suit your product needs. Steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, foam, and plastic are a few of the materials that are routinely processed in Domico Med-Device’s Machine Shop. Domico Med-Device utilizes local sources for metal treatments such as anodizing, plating, and powder coating.

SealingTable pad for patient comfort

Domico Med-Device offers a variety of sealing techniques designed to create contamination resistant barriers without the use of adhesive. Each method involves heat, pressure, and time.  A variety of sealing technologies can be used to suit your needs depending upon the requirements of the materials or product design.

RF sealing is the process of fusing together thermoplastic material using high frequency electromagnetic energy.

Heat sealing is the process of using a heated tool to apply pressure and heat to form a bond between two or more layers of plastic.

Ultrasonic sealing is the process of holding plastics or materials with dissimilar properties under pressure and locally applying ultrasonic acoustic vibrations to form an integral bond between the materials.


With years of experience and an eye for detail, you can be assured that quality is stitched into every seam. Processing a wide variety of fabrics and films, our skilled sewing team produces a broad range of products and accessories, including security straps, fabric covers and assemblies. With our diverse background, there are few sewing needs that we can’t address.

Vacuum Forming

When cradles, basins or supports are needed, vacuum forming could be the process of choice. Vacuum forming begins with materials selection, depending on the strength or imaging modality requirements. Available in a variety of colors, textures and thicknesses, Domico Med-Device maintains inventory of several thermoplastic sheets such as ABS, Kydex, Noryl, and polycarbonate. When other materials are required, Domico Med-Device has ready access to suit your needs.

Once the material is selected, Domico Med-Device will utilize its in-house machining capability to craft a mold from an appropriate material depending on your anticipated volumes. Aluminum, rigid urethane or even wood can be optimal depending on your needs.


The culmination of Domico Med-Device’s design, engineering, and production capabilities occur with the final assembly and testing of mechanical and electromechanical devices. Built to exacting specifications, Domico Med-Device products are carefully constructed to meet the requirements of the medical device industry.

Additionally, the same care and effort is applied to contract manufactured systems, such as MRI coils, CT scanners, and ceiling mounted accessory suspension systems. Leverage Domico Med-Device’s versatility and commitment to quality to assist your organization in achieving cost effective, quality medical device assembly. Domico Med-device has the ability to manufacture and assemble even the most complex capital equipment.

Printing & Marking

Advertising your brand is essential to promoting the ability of your customers to contact you for repeat orders. Domico Med-Device has several in-house printing and marking capabilities that can be applied to your products or packages to ensure brand awareness with each product.

Screen Printing allows you to apply your brand to your large format products with silk screening. Domico Med-Device commonly applies screen prints to foam pads, coated products, plastic films, and fabrics.

Laser Engraving with minimal set-up time and no expensive tooling, is ideal for applying your brand to metal and thermal plastic substrates. The accuracy of the laser promotes a repeatable, professional images on each part.

Thermal Transfer Printing uses adhesive labels for pouches, bags, and boxes that are rapidly printed in low and high volumes. Ideal for sterile product marking and bar coding, the adhesives, papers and inks have been validated for the rigors of medical device distribution.

Laser Printing is high volume, high quality printing at a rate of 90 pages per minute with 1200 dpi. Black and white manuals, brochures and inserts can be custom printed to meet your specifications.

Private Labeling with your brand name, company logo, re-order information, and bar code can be applied to a wide range of standard and custom products and packages. Domico Med-Device’s document control system ensures that the correct revision of your label is applied each production run.

Inventory Management & Drop Shipping

Expand your capacity, shorten lead times to your customers, or save on logistics with Domico Med-Device’s inventory management and drop shipping services. Whether stocking pallets of your inventory for shipping to your distribution center or blind drop shipping directly from our warehouse to your customer, Domico Med-Device can work with you to maximize your logistics efficiency.